Inès Lamunière

Inès Lamunière architect EPFL, FAS, SIA, FSU

Co-director from 1983 to 2007 of Dévanthery & Lamunière, afterwards dl-a, designlab-architecture sa. She has co-directed DeLaMa sàrl, Dévanthéry + Lamunière + Marchand from 2000 to 2014. Since July 2014, Inès Lamunière, sole directs dl-a, designlab-architecture sa taking over DeLaMa related activities.

Her architect's team, respond specifically to projects related with architecture, interior architecture, construction, urban planning and territorial development plans.

She has named two associates who have assumed their roles since June 2015:

Vincent Mas Durbec, Architect DPLG, SIA

Fiona Pia, Architect EPFL, SIA

Concerning urban planning and territorial development projects, Bruno Marchand, architect FSU, FAS, SIA, EPFL, is regularly consulted.


Vincent Mas Durbec

Born in Saint-Tropez, France, in 1974. Studied at Marseille’s École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture and then at EPFL, focusing on modern architectural heritage. Joined Devanthéry & Lamunière in 1999, where he has continued his research activities alongside his architectural design work, participating in the exhibition La Construction de l'Immeuble Clarté (Building the Immeuble Clarté) at Mendrisio’s Accademia d'Architettura. His activities within the team are focused on renovation work, ranging from historically accurate restoration work for buildings of major heritage value, via radical transformations involving changes of function or straightforward upgrades to contemporary comfort standards, through to the design of customised interiors. The latter activity led to the creation of the interior design laboratory dl-i (designlab-intérieurs Sàrl), which he has co-directed in association with Patrick Devanthéry and Inès Lamunière since 2008.

He is an associate at dl-a, designlab-architecture sa since 2015.


Fiona Pià

Born in Andorra in 1978. Studied architecture at EPFL, Lausanne, graduating in 2004 with a project on Mobility and regional image: a new public transport system for Andorra, supervised by I. Lamunière, S. Malfroy and L. Snozzi. Joined the team at Devanthéry & Lamunière in September 2004. Spent a year specialising in site management in 2009. Completed her doctorate at EPFL in September 2010 with a thesis on City life in the mountains, undertaken in the LAMU laboratory.

She is an associate at dl-a, designlab-architecture sa since 2015.


Afonso Alves Pimenta Ponces de Serpa

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1983; Portuguese nationality. Studied architecture at Lisbon’s Universidade Autónoma. Graduated in 2007 with a project entitled Empty urban spaces – transforming the banks of the Tagus, supervised by J.-L. Carrilho da Graça, I. Lobo and J. Adrião. Internship at Devanthéry & Lamunière, 2005-2006. Joined dl-a, designlab-architecture team in March 2008.


Jianfeng Chen

Born in Hangzhou, China, in 1986, chinese nationality. Studied architecture in Hangzhou from 2006 to 2011. Internship at Archiplein Architectes (Shanghai 2010-2011). Studied at EPFL from 2011 to 2013 with an Excellence Award, Graduated with the award for best graduation project 2012-2013 with his project entilted "A terminal station as an entrance to a fragmented growing metropolis. Chongqing, China", supervised by I. Lamunière, C. Gilot. Joined dl-a, designlab-architecture team in January 2014.


Antoine Doms


Ludovic Tiollier

Born in Grenoble (FR) in 1987, french nationality. Studied Civil Engineering (2 years university degree) in Lyon before studying architecture at the EPFL (Lausanne) and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen). Graduated in 2014 from EPFL with a project entitled “ Metronome – multi-temporal spaces, Chronotopic restructuring of the Grande Place, Vevey” under the supervision of prof. Dieter Dietz, U. Egg, M. Schmit and D. Saunt. Participated to the exhibitions and publications “Best of architecture EPFL” in 2009 (Wine Museum in the Lavaux), 2013 (One Roof – Private Bank in London) and in 2014 (Metronome). Intern at MOAD, The Madras Office for Architects and Designers (Chennai, India 2010-2011), Group 8 (Genève, Switzerland 2011); OBR, Open Building Research (Genova, Italy 2012); Rapin Saiz Architects (Vevey, Switzerland 2013). Joined dl-a, designlab-architecture team in November 2014.


Aurélia Yammine

Born in Geneva in 1986; Swiss/Lebanese nationality. Studied architecture at EPFL Lausanne. Graduated in July 2012 at EPFL with a project entitled Re-connecting Beirut: a disused railway area as a social and urban connector, supervised by I. Lamunière, J. Lévy and D. Piccolo. Participation in the exhibition and publication "Best of architecture EPFL 2011" with the project "dream evian, new archaism" in collaboration with Loïc Peitrequin within the LAMU workshop. Participation in the exhibition and publication "Best of architecture EPFL 2012" with the diploma project. Internship with M+B Zurbuchen-Henz, in Lausanne (2008-2009) and with BMA Brian Meyerson Architects Pty Ltd, in Sydney (Australia, 2009). Joined dl-a, designlab-architecture team in October 2012.


Lemarié Virginie

Née à La Rochelle en 1967, de nationalité française. Etudes de commerce international à l’Université de Nantes et Rennes puis de Communication à Nantes. A travaillé dans le domaine de l’industrie métallurgique puis dans le luxe pendant 10 ans en tant qu’Office Manager. Collaboratrice du bureau dl-a depuis mai 2016. En charge de l’administration/secrétariat/ressources humaines.