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190. Addax Petroleum
Hauts de Malagnou, Genève, GE Collaborator(s): Jianfeng Chen, Afonso Serpa, Vincent Zollinger

The new head office of this multinational gets organized just like a city. 

This city consists of structuring elements, various districts of activity and of various scales. The shopping street occupies the ground floor on all the longuer of the building allowing to connect the vertical main trunk roads of circulation situated in the extremities of a long building of 120mètres. Every district gets organized then in the current floors around common spaces, " paces of villages ", whereas " the executive center ", occupy 6th and 7th stage. 
Since the entrance hall and through the common spaces (Coffee Lounge, Restoring, Lecture halls, Fitness), we seize the scale of spaces. All, from the employee of the head office, up to the foreign delegations on visit, are at the same time actors and spectators of the activity of the big company, and have the possibility of meetingexcept their own origin, except life and except work.
During the highlights of the life of the company, lecture halls are combined and transformed into a vast Town Hall, adjacent to the space of the restaurant. Concerning park, an ambulatory strengthens the identity of the central object which is read as a big volume clod of wood, sybole of the integration of this multinational within an idyllic Swiss nature.